About Us

Hostholder.com is the world-leading provider of the most popular web hosting, domain reseller, website designs, and technology consultant. The company was founded in 2007 by founder and current Chairman Humayon Kabir Piash and then the company name was hkpiash.com.

Our product includes domain registration, web, and email hosting and website design as the lowest cost which enables our clients to caters to the entire web presence market.

Hostholder objective is to provide “Good Quality” at Unbelievably low rates with superior technology and many innovative measures with world standard. The quality parameters of the company are focused on productivity, cost-effective solution and deliveries and services. which plays an important role in making the relationship with the clients.

Moreover, client satisfaction is our first goal. Our company is SSL Certified for the secured transaction. We are government registered ( Tr license no12/94). We use SMS notification, 365/24/7 Live support by web online chat service, Support Ticket, Online Video, Knowledgebase or Phone.

We Keep Your Website Up and Running

First, let’s make sure we all know what uptime monitoring is. Uptime monitoring is simply the act of checking regularly with your server to make sure your website is up and functioning as it should. This is typically accomplished by having a plugin or service “ping” your server and share the results with you. Have scalable plans to fit your needs but without monitoring, it is impossible to tell whether or not they follow through on that guarantee. We offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Web Hosting Made Easy Now!
Web hosting is actually an important step that can have an effect on an organization’s experience with their websites down the road, as well as their users!. if a user makes a new account with a web hosting service, they typically register their URL at the same time and their domain is managed with the same account they registered. This tends to keep things nice and neat since you only have to log into one system to manage everything about your web hosting and domain. Here’s a quick rundown of a few things that we will offer: Server Uptime, Speed, Storage and Bandwidth, Other Value-Added Features, Cost.